The ultimate demonstration of massive and systemic public and legal corruption exposed from within by a Top Cop police sergeant.  This is not your small-time minor scrape up, although that’s how it begins.  It’s an investigative insider documenting of all the W’s; who, what, when, where, and the how, as well. It includes an ever-growing list of victims, both civilian and police alike, who are absolutely innocent of any crime but for having the misfortune of becoming the target of an organized mob-like County Prosecutors Office, which is then aided by local and State police, politicians, judges, and lawyers, by either action, or failing to act.

After years of single-handedly  fighting the corruption, I applied to every conceivable and accountable officer, office, agency,  or person, in an effort to bring this corruption to a halt and to prevent further harm. This included even pursuing a federal legal complaint to allow me to present the federal crimes to a grand jury, which pursuant to federal statue is permissible (title 18 section 1504). But as I discovered, this too was tainted by corruption and such access was never truly allowable.

To my utter surprise I stumbled across a discovery of epic proportion! The Constitution already provided the answer to the problem! It’s contained in the 5th amendment of the constitution which provides the presentment grand jury a provision that was intentionally included by the founding fathers, specifically to be used against corrupt government officials or the government itself. The next alarming shock was the revelation of an insidious tampering with this provision, not with a legal amendment, but with a sneaky Court Rule indicating that this presentment grand jury could no longer be accessed by the civilians, even though it’s part of the Constitution, because it’s obsolete! The motive is because a presentment grand jury can investigate anyone including judges, politicians, or prosecutors! It’s self-protection!  organized criminal organizations I would die to have this type of protection from the law!

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