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The ultimate demonstration of massive and systemic public and legal corruption exposed from within by a Top Cop police sergeant.  This is not your small-time minor scrape up, although that’s how it begins.  It’s an investigative insider documenting of all the W’s; who, what, when, where, and the how, as well. It includes an ever-growing list of victims, both civilian and police alike, who are absolutely innocent of any crime but for having the misfortune of becoming the target of an organized mob-like County Prosecutors Office, which is then aided by local and State police, politicians, judges, and lawyers, by either action, or failing to act.

After years of single-handedly  fighting the corruption, I applied to every conceivable and accountable officer, office, agency,  or person, in an effort to bring this corruption to a halt and to prevent further harm. This included even pursuing a federal legal complaint to allow…

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